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I'll be adding stuff again.

Go me.


mahjqa leegonai


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vendian Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is awesome, especially all your pixel art. And your dev id. thing with the flames is sweet. I also like the comet icon, that's awesome. Looks like you used the same thing to make the icon as your id, with the fire thing. Keep up the good work.
pxl-lord Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003   Digital Artist
whauuuuuuuuuu great pxl works man!!!
wanna be your friend!
3ch0 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003  Student
Oh my god! I was just surfing some pixel artists when I found your gallery.. incredible! Keep up the good work!
thrivis Featured By Owner May 29, 2003   General Artist
woooow... you have a reeeeally cool gallery. o_o the style kicks. amazing. wow. :D (Big Grin)
veronika Featured By Owner May 15, 2003   Digital Artist
nice gallery ! :D (Big Grin)

calcaliber Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
congrats 1,000 hits.
veejayhedgehog Featured By Owner May 4, 2003
*tacklehugs from HELL*

MAHJQA!!!!!!!!! Remember me???

Wowee, have things changed *nods* Love what you do always, man ^_~
spyed Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire deviant life, that there's something wrong with the story. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

Take: The Red Pill
Take: The Blue Pill

Fella Point Right spyed, nobody has ever done this before.
Ninja Point Right I know. That's why it's going to work.

Do not try and bend the spoon ...
n8x Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
wow, incredible work! and your id and icon mesmerize me.. mmmmmm...
terov Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2002
You're a fantastic pixel artist.
I also wish I could get a handle on your unsurpassed fire effects. Any pointers?
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